Public Speaking


Silvia is a recognised public speaker and has addressed audiences worldwide including Dubai, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, Chile,  Jordan, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, France, the UK and the US.  She has lectured at the Sorbonne University (France), London Metropolian University, and San Sebastian University (Chile).

Conferences & Seminars

  • IABC EuroComm 2018,  April 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Enterprise Digital Summit, November 2017, London
  • Collaboration for Business, October 2016, Bucharest, Romania
  • Slovenian Marketing Conference, June 2016, Portoroz, Slovenia
  • The Art of the Possible, May 2016, London
  • IABC EuroComm 2016, April 2016, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Social Connections, November 2015, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Communication Futures, IABC UK, June 2015, London
  • The Power of Storytelling in International Development – Launch of #EYD2015 – United Nations – February 2015 – Bucharest, Romania
  • SMILE – Social Media in the Large Enterprise, September 2014, London
  • “Social Media in the Workplace”, May 2014, Morgan Lewis, London
  • “How to develop a strategy for your Employee Social Network” –  webinar sponsored by Jive –  February 2014
  • European Leadership Institute – IABC EMENA – November 2013, London
  • SMILE – Social Media in the Large Enterprise, September 2013, London 
  • Arab Social Media Forum, July 2013, Ramallah, Palestine
  • “Shrinking the World with Social Content” IABC’s EuroComm 2013, April 2013, Brussels, Belgium
  • SMILE Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise, March 2013, London
  • “From content push to engaging communities”, Social Media Week, February 2013, Paris, France 
  • “Social media across cultures: understanding the implications for communications”, Ignite – Ketchum, November 2012, London
  • “Social media as a tool for enhancing women’s participation in decision making”UNDP, Regional Forum on Equal Opportunities in Decision Making, November 2011, Istanbul, Turkey
  • “Integrating Social Media into Conventional Communication Strategies” – Arab Social Media ForumMay 2011 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • “Empowered through Social Media: Using Networked Communication to Engage Employees”, -Marcus Evans’ Effective Internal Communications Conference –  April 2011 – Barcelona, Spain.
  • “Enhancing the impact of events through powerful networks” – IABC EuroComm – April 2011 – Turin, Italy
  • “Social Media for Social Change” – Arab Social Media Forum – December 2010 – Amman, Jordan
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