Hyper Reality Powered Meetings


The other day after a meeting with a client I sat down at a Starbucks and left my mind drift… I sometimes do that… partially to relax and partially to revisit my impressions.

This time an image popped into my mind… the kaleidoscopic and interactive world of Hyper Reality. You might have come across the video created by film maker Keiichi Matsuda. If you haven’t, you absolutely have to see it.

Hyper Reality Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.01.57features a moment in the life of a woman in the city of Medellin, Colombia. She is wearing a Google Glass-like device and experiencing her surroundings through Augmented Reality (AR).

We are invited to ride on a bus with her, walk the streets and shop in a supermarket. Information keeps materialising in front of her eyes… about the bus stop where she has to get off or as a video conference with a helpline person whose Japanese gets automatically translated for her into spoken Spanish and written English. To perform a Google search, all she needs to do is stretch the palm of her hand and ask a question. Hyper Reality is addictive…

So while drinking my coffee, I started imagining how the kind of AR portrayed in the video would apply to the business meeting I had just attended.

To prepare for it, I had looked up the profiles of the participants on LinkedIn the day before. In Matsuda’s world, I would no longer need to do that. This information would be streamed in front of my eyes during the meeting. The system would then compare my background with those profiles and highlight communalities. It would inform me that one of the participants has a background in journalism similar to mine and recommend that I consider this as a way of building a closer relationship. Through AR, I would be able to scan the headlines of their articles and get an idea of what might interest them, which would help steer the conversation.Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.07.36

If my client wanted to talk about a particular location (oil rig, power plant, bank branch, etc.) which happened to be the focus of a project, AR could take me there and make me stroll through it without having to leave the meeting room.

The idea of AR powered meetings is intriguing… and I wonder

  • How will our brain be able to handle such high degree of multitasking? Does it have the ability to have us speak to someone face-to-face and simultaneously consume information projected in front of us by our AR devices? It’s not how humans have been functioning so far… but our brains could adapt.
  • How will our behavior change as a result of the additional layer added to our day-to-day reality? With more information available, will people be less inclined to make stuff up? Will our interactions become more transparent?

Hyper Reality feels like a gateway into a future that is probably nearer than we think.

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