International Communications Strategy Developments in Cross-Cultural Communications, PR and Social Media

by Silvia Cambié and Yang-May Ooi

Published by Kogan Page and shortlisted for the FT Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.


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Globalisation and the interactive web are transforming the world of communications beyond recognition.

Communicators and PR practitioners are asked to develop strategies for markets they have never worked in and audiences they are unable to relate to.

“International Communications Strategy” examines the cross-cultural challenges currently facing communication practitioners. It zooms in on three major trends:

  • Multinationals from emerging economies are globalising aggressively and reshaping world-wide industries. They are developing new communication practices that will soon dominate our way of working.
  • Technology and social media are creating new on-line cultures and new audiences for communicators.
  • Social entrepreneurship is changing business and challenging the collective thinking. It needs communicators to spread its message on a global scale.

The book contains best practices and hands-on case studies from a number of countries including India, Sudan, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China.

A thought provoking and exceptionally well written book on the future of Public Relations with the emergence of social media, globalization of Corporate Social Responsibility, and growth of emerging markets. The book reads like a suspense novel!”
Jagdish N. Sheth, Ph.D., Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing – Goizueta Business School – Emory University
Author, Chindia Rising: How China and India Will Benefit Your Business

“a useful tool in your armoury”
British Association of Communicators in Business

“groundbreaking new book”
Engineering & Technology Magazine

“extremely useful resource for communicators who deal with the intercultural world and Web 2.0”
Communication Director

“Silvia Cambie and Yang-May Ooi have reordered the paradigm of strategic communication for the 21st century with their book”
Communication World

“highly recommended to public relations professionals looking to optimize their communications in today’s competitive business environment”
Library Journal

Watch a video of the London launch at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business:

Buy the book from Kogan Page or  Amazon.

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